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  1. is Poweramp compatible with this android device? I will be transferring phones. How will I receive Poweramp and my current new presets ? Btw thanks for the update I have 8 new presets.
  2. Has or does anyone use this awesome app with the awesome and incredibly sounding dre beats. I have the pros I had the studios which were great but I felt the pros were more powerful and delivered better sound quality and the value @ $400 as compared to the Studios @ $319 as far as build quality has no comparison. Studios plastic compared to the Pros aluminum/metal. What more could be said. Better sound and quality. Hopefully someone responds for I have other questions. Dre beats/Monster beats by Dr. Dre and Poweramp a deadly and perfect combination.
  3. I 2nd that request. Pitch control will be the ultimate upgrade and of course more volume. Louder is always better. Keep up the fantastic works I've recommended this app to everyone I know that has an android phone. You da best.
  4. How about speed control and the ability to mix like cross fading music in and out. I do enjoy the soft fade when switching songs that's brilliant. Keep up the exceptional work. To the MAX. U the Best.. ..
  5. Okay. It was saying could not find license. That's what concerned me because I know I purchased it. Thanks.
  6. Poweramp full version unlocker64 kb. Its in my applications. Still won't open. As i stated it is also in my market downloads. Thanks for responding. Hopefully this can be resolved. at the moment I can only use the trial. After installing the update.
  7. I bought the full version about 2 weeks ago and now it is saying it can't verify the license. Please remedy this situation. I have the full version in my downloads but won't open.
  8. Okay thanks for not allowing me to make the mistake of uninstalling anything needed.
  9. I always go to running services via manage applications to force close apps of this nature. So you are saying after I hit the pause button, the amp kills itself in 30secs? If so that's cool. For the process I go through takes time.
  10. After unlocking the Poweramp app , can we then uninstall the trial version to retrieve that all so precious memory? Or will we lose the app all together? Btw it is indeed the best app on and or in the Market by far.
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