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Or I'm missing something, or... :) 


My question: I want to delete my current queue but I can't get rid of it.  Even if I add other albums, playlists, the queue just gets longer.  I can delete the songs item by item but I'd like to clear this list in one go.  How can I do this?


Your contribution is much appreciated!



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There isn't such "Clear Q" option anywhere, is there something wrong with my app?, I can't find that option in any menu, there's only a go back and something to move the tracks by dragging them around the current queue list, but can't find that "Clear Q" option that you're talking about, could you please help me to clear this damn queue list?, thanks in advance and my best regards.

View the current queue within the Library screen, tap the Menu button, and then choose "Clear Q".


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Oh my. I am so very happy to have discovered this forum.


I downloaded Poweramp about 2 months ago and as soon as I saw all the features, I knew this was the app I wanted. It appears to be fabulous. I agreed to paying the $4 immediately and then I tried to figure out just how it all worked.


I have spent hours and hours trying to learn how to do a few simple things.


I still love this app. But it really kicks my a** when I try to figure things out. I think it requires a much smarter person than me to figure out how to use it.


The "Help" features that come with this app are extremely scant. There are so many things that just are too difficult for me to figure out without some good text help.


For example, I posted in this thread because my main problem right now is trying to get songs to play in the order I want them to play.


The Beatles Abbey Road Album has four or five tracks that seem to make up an ordered sequence. If you look at this discography link, you will see they are called a "Medley" by this one person:




But I am so confused about the difference between the "Queue" and the list of songs that are presented from the Play screen. It's as if Poweramp keeps two lists in its memory and the user is expected to know how to switch between the two and manage either or both.


Bottom line, no matter  how I sort the list (either by song Title, or filename, or anything else, I can never get the songs to play in the exact order I want.


Can anyone explain to me how to do this?


I can't even figure out an easy way to switch between the two lists. When I am looking at the Queue, it seems to take me forever to get back to the other list. And vice versa.


The only Help I have found are the few help screens that come with the App. Is there any comprehensive User Guide or User Manua that explains some of the basic concepts (like these two lists) and how I can manage them?


I'd like to be able to add or delete songs from these lists if possible. I know where the instruction is to "Empty the Queue" but that is about all I can do when trying to manage these lists.


I'm very sorry to babble on like this. But I am overjoyed to finally find a user forum where people talk to each other in English.


I know the developers are Russian and I do not intend to insult any Russians. It's just that all the help I have ever found aside from the few Help screens has always been in Russian.


Oh well, I sure do hope someone can help me.

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Think of the Folders, Albums, Artist, etc as the normal playback mode, where (for example) it plays all the tracks of one album, then the next, etc.

If you think of something specific you want to listen to in the meantime, without losing your place in the album, just enqueue that song (or more than one song) and they will play straight away, and once the queue is finished, playback will revert to the normal mode you were in before.

The queue is a sort of playback quick bypass.


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On 10/6/2015 at 9:39 AM, andrewilley said:

In the queue screen, press the Menu button (either the physical button if your device has one, or the horrible three-dots icon if it's a Google-sabotaged device :) ). Then select "Clear Q" as per screenshot below.



Hi, I've been trying to clear the queue on my OnePlus 2 running OxygenOS 2.1.2 - I simply can't see a way to get this "Clear Q" option to appear. I have no menu button, have tried with and without an option in the settings that uses a long press of the other soft keys as menu button, and tried multiple skins - no sign of the three dots of "Clear Q" option:


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