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Hi all, I have been using Poweramp on my Galaxy 4 for awhile now and have a question so I figured I would come to the place where the experts are. Actually the question is two fold.


First, when you put a song into a playlist, then decide to remove it from the playlist ONLY, is there a way to do that without deleting the song totally?


Second, when you push and hold on a song the menu pops up, in that menu is "delete" which due to fat fingers I have  accidentally pushed on several occasions, thus instantly deleting a song that I still wanted. Is there a way to make Poweramp pop up a message that says "Are You Sure You Really Want To Delete This Song". That to me would be a life saver, or at least a song saver.


Thanks All In Advance, CC

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If you are currently playing from a Playlist, then the Menu's "Delete" function will only remove the song from the current playlist, but it will not remove the actual file from the device. There is no prompt for this action.

If you are playing directly (e.g. in Folders mode, or Albums/etc) then the Menu's "Delete" function will delete the actual file from the device's storage, but you will be prompted before this action takes place. If this does not work for you, check Poweramp Settings > Look and Feel > General and make sure the 'Delete Action' box is ticked.


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