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Remote control Poweramp over LAN


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I run Poweramp on an Android TV box with all my music accessible via CIFS mounts to my NAS. This is the main audio solution in my home. It would be awesome if there was some way to control this instance of Poweramp from my phone/tablet remotely, either natively from the Poweramp app on the handheld device -- some kind of 'connect to remote instance' option -- or by allowing third party developers access to the relevant APIs to develop a remote control app themselves.


I've messed about with various VNC-based solutions but haven't really found anything satisfactory. I guess I'm envisaging something like the Foobar2000 Controller Pro android app that connects to a PC based instance of Foobar2000 over the network.


Maybe this is a lot of work for a edge usage case, but worth a shot :)



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