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Poweramp buy option


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Hi Poweramp Developers :)


i want to buy Poweramp but unfortunalety


1. i dont have credit card/debit card and my dad is angry man i cant use his debit card he will yell at me :(


2. i have some $$ on my paypal but the problem arises is that in india paypal doesnot allow you to buy anything cus after contacting them i get to know that they got orders from RBi (reserve bank of india) it can only be used to withdray money


3. now i have money in payza.com now the problem arises there is no option to buy from payza in your site :'( what to do please help me i want Poweramp full version badly :'( please

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hi i got to know about this and i searched alot and got you need debit/credit card to link wiht your paypal and verified sorry have to stay without paypal if this continues :(



very bad from rbi it sucks


i will try in samsung store and yandex and report back here :)

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yandex store gives two option


1. credit card (i dont have)

2. pay with mobile phone but every number starts with +7 code and there is no way to put indian no. (so no way)


samsung apps


1. ask for credit card (dont have)

2. option for redeem voucher (i dont have any gift card or voucher)


now only one way left for me if any of you have payza account contact me i will send the $$ so that i can get license ?

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