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  1. I guess this feature is not available in any app on android and this would be amazing. What i am asking is that there should be profiles when two different people listen on ur phone or sometimes i keep my regular songs list different and sometimes i test songs and i have to select n find songs where i started for both scenarios so this way we can keep profiles and select when we want and it loads that profile data rather than need to find and select songs,create playlists etc
  2. Yes thats the thing it only play one song in that filter but there should be option to play all filtered songs rather than playing one song in all songs
  3. I am not talking about queue. I am talking about the search filteres songs as the word i am searching is singer name but the artist/album name has other words after singer name so it comes in diff. Albums and artists which i cant play. I want to play all filtered songs but WHEN YOU SELECT ANY ITEM after filtered in all songs category which after filtered it does play one somg then play another songs in all songs list rather than playing filtered songs nect song. But guess what i got that there is play icon on top of filtered which just plays filtered songs but clicking particular songs doesnot work that way.
  4. Search list when plays then plays all songs rather than filtered songs only which is annonying which was not in old versions before I am using Poweramp 3 v820 If u see screenshot i filtered "sidhu moose" it filtered properly rather than going to album and artists which plays perfect i clicked all songs category cuz there are different albums and i want to play all the songs with sidhu moose inside it but in screenshot if you see in 2nd [ 3173/3978] then you can see when i select anyone of them then it plays all songs of library rather than only filtered. @maxmp
  5. I have already posted this issue long back
  6. Hi res output option used to come in oreo but i updated to pie now only bluetooth option n usb dac is there in hi res output but where is wired headset option ? @maxmp
  7. Search doesnot add SPACE in name of songs it deletes space immediately maybe skme characters have this issue here comes another issue 799build now when u open Poweramp click search icon and now when you search for example 1. "be patient" it works you can add space after be 2. "sidhu moose ala" you cant add space after sidhu it becomes sidhumooseala 3. "game pa gya ji" now you can add space as game pa gya and after gya when yoj add space it gets deleted automatically. so issue in that search edit formatting needs to be fixed
  8. @maxmp here I tried that in s9plus u see I didn't even used seek still song over the time limit Poweramp can't detect the end time as well
  9. Js78955

    V3 Official Release Date??

    you can think it is final only just bug fixes as normal releases,i guess this is final v3.0 final almost maybe new features will be added in v3.1 ,max knows better
  10. @maxmp yes i second that this issue is there,this comes 2 or 3times a day
  11. i have tested after removing embedded 800x800albun art still the issue persists i have sent you two songs one with 48kbps and one with 128kbps which does not work with seek in new version but old v588 build and below does the job properly well if you seek the song halfway where you can see the frequency is analyzed in Poweramp ,the seek works for example if the song is 3mins and Poweramp shows the frequency static for like 1.2min and after that it is variable and seek works in variable frequency not in static as you see in the video on post, maybe issue in Poweramp to analyze it properly.
  12. Yes it depends on songs,even 128kbps doesnot seek but other 128kbps can seek whereas old v588 build can seek every single song even jetaudio plus music player can seek every single song,the developer added new seek algo in v3 alpha or beta none of them works