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Unlock problem


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Andre, i've downloaded the app, then bought unlocker. That was few years ago. All worked perfectly (and still works) on my old phone. A week ago i bought a new phone, downloaded and installed from the Market the player and when i try to restore purchase from Market i can only buy a new unlocker. Am i doing something wrong? 

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hi Xenus90,


this may come very late, but here's how I solved the exact same problem:


- go to Poweramp's Settings / Already Purchased / Other Purchasing Methods (I know, not Google Play, as you would...)


- download and install the 

Download Poweramp APK
APK file, 6mb, non-Google Play distribution version


- open the freshly installed non-Google Play Poweramp


- go once more to Settings / Already Purchased. Now you are allowed to input your Order ID and email. The unlocker gets installed.

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