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As you may know, Amazon now offers free music to Amazon Prime members. I can download the files to my Galaxy S3 through the Amazon Music app, however I can't get the files to play using Poweramp.


The files are oddly named, don't appear to have normal tags, and have a .m4a extension. I've selected the downloaded file location (Android/data/com.amazon.mp3/files/Music) in Poweramp's settings and rescanned, however Poweramp doesn't see the files and won't play them. I've tried moving the files to the SD card Music folder and even renaming them, but they still won't play in Poweramp. The files play fine within Amazon's Music app, but I'd rather use Poweramp. 


Any suggestions?

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I have the same issue. Any resolution yet?

Yes.   Someone, (I've forgotten who-maybe andrewilley) sent me an email reply which confirmed what I thought.  Amazon Prime Music files are copy-protected DRM files which can only be played through the Amazon Prime Music app.

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Thank you! I can stop being obsessive over it now. Goodbye Amazon Prime..



Yeah,  it's unfortunate. I'd hoped we'd on moved from this DRM sh...tuff.  My guess is the music companies required copy protection before they would allow Amazon to include their music on Prime.


I ended up having to uninstall Amazon Prime as it was causing Poweramp to not work completely right via Bluetooth with my car's stereo. Using a Note II.


That's odd. I haven't yet used Bluetooth in my car since I got Prime Music, but my portable Bluetooth speaker (http://www.amazon.com/Basics-UG-SNDBRCKBLK-Soundbrick-Portable-Bluetooth/dp/B00BC36BW0 ) works perfectly with both Amazon Prime Music app and Poweramp.

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You can't expect DRM-free unlimited downloads for a subscription fee. From a business perspective a user could sign up for one month of prime and download thousands of songs and then end their subscription.

People always feel hurt by DRM. They should on individual items they buy outright eg an album or movie. However, in terms of unlimited subscription type services there is no place for DRM-free (unless you disband copyright).

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