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Ignore certain folders or "songs"


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EDIT: In true internet fashion i have found what i need right after i post asking for help.  To select or deselect folders to be scanned, "Poweramp Settings" then "Folders & Library" then "Music Folders" Uncheck what you dont want. Duh!

There are so many features!


Original text:


I am just getting in to Poweramp and love it. I have already purchased it for its ease of use and flac support.  Forgive me if an option for this already exist, i cant find one.


I have some games which store their ingame sound and other audio files to the sd card.  I also use a voice recorder and sometimes save podcasts for school to the card.  Poweramp is my personal music player and dont need it to play these things.  They however reside on the card and therefore in my "all music" in Poweramp. This prevents me from just putting it on shuffle all and puxshing play. I plug this in to the car so i can not manipulate the player after i start driving.


I would like to ignore the folders that these file reside in or the specific files WITHOUT creating a new playlist. I have no time to do that.

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