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  1. EDIT: In true internet fashion i have found what i need right after i post asking for help. To select or deselect folders to be scanned, "Poweramp Settings" then "Folders & Library" then "Music Folders" Uncheck what you dont want. Duh! There are so many features! Original text: I am just getting in to Poweramp and love it. I have already purchased it for its ease of use and flac support. Forgive me if an option for this already exist, i cant find one. I have some games which store their ingame sound and other audio files to the sd card. I also use a voice recorder and sometimes sa
  2. Depending on mood i have many 4 star and some 3 star songs i would listen to. Until star ratings are saved to the individual files though, managing songs outside of the app might prove to be difficult as i can not load the same songs back to the computer with the ratings i have given it. I dont have time to re rate songs. Dont forget about unrated songs as well. To have a playlist of previously unrated songs would make it much easier to rate them.
  3. The star feature is very important to me as well. It seems the ratings are easily lost by a database refresh and encoding the ratings to the music file itself would releive this issue. My vote as well.
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