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Incorrect lockscreen album art size

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CM 11

After updating to the latest 548 version, player incorrectly resizes album art if it's height and width are different:


Here is the album art in player







and how it is shown on lock screen:



As you can see, the image was stretched horizontally. 



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On Kitkat Poweramp sends original (as is) image from either embed bitmap data or some cached jpeg. Few limits are applied, e.g. very large images are subscaled, but generally, we don't change proportions of image which is sent to android lockscreen.


Latest (552+) Poweramp builds try to send the highest possible resolution image (and 4.4.2 generally now allows over 1mb images, this was impossible in 4.3). This results in crisp images, esp. noticeable on hd screens and tablets. This, though, can cause a bit some lag on slower devices. On devices like Nexus5 there is no lag no matter what image is displayed.


Again, Poweramp (552) doesn't rescale image for 4.4.2 generally, and doesn't change aspect ratio. All Android media code which is related to album covers always assume they are 1:1 rectangle.


If you think there is a room for improvement - we would always like to hear suggestions)



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Maxmp, so you mean that 544 version and below did some changes in album image size before it was sent to the lockscreen?

Was that so necessary to change this behavior? At least it worked (in v.544) fine and displayed album cover as expected (well, there was annoying bug with lockscreen in this version, when switching from track with album cover to the next track without it didn't refresh background).




This, though, can cause a bit some lag on slower devices. On devices like Nexus5 there is no lag no matter what image is displayed.


Yes, that was very noticeable after switching to the latest version: track changing\album rendering on the lockscreen had started to take more time than it took before.

I'm not an android dev and know nothing about ADK, but does it provide some api to get user's screen resolution or something like that? That would be great if player can select suitable size in according to the screen resolution, and I think it could reduce performance hit for low-end devices.

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Yes, in 544 we always resized album art to 450x450 prior to sending to Android lock screen api. Now we send image as is (to allow high res graphics).

This was mostly due to the Android Binder memory limits, when 450x450 images can be sent,  but 451x450 won't fit buffer sometimes.


Android 4.4.2 now allows much larger images.


So there are 2 options:

- resize to rect. This makes non-square album art to be a square, but Android expects this and changes aspect ratio again. But we have max 512x512 graphics

- send hi-res album art as is. This makes non-square album art a bit distorted as Android doesn't support non-square album arts.


We may add option to still resize even hi-res images, but this is certainly only for hi-end devices. Also, resizing 4mb images surely eats CPU/battery.


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