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New folder with FLAC file is never displayed

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I just copied a FLAC file to the external SD card of my phone, into the folder "Music". Several other folders within "Music" are detected perfectly by Poweramp, but the new file does not show up, even after performing a complete rescan. So I tried to copy it into a subfolder, still no luck. Even when I copy another OGG file to this subfolder, it is not shown. I am unable to find the FLAC file, both in library or folder view.


And now it gets strange: If I choose to play the file from another app (e.g. my file manager) with Poweramp, it plays the FLAC file and even displays the correct name and cover image in the notification bar. But when I click on this, I see the cover of the _previously_ played album, the name of the _previously_ played track, but the time progress bar from the _current_ song.


My device is a Samsung Galaxy S2 with Cyanogenmod 10.1.3 (Android 4.2.2). I tested it with the current Poweramp 2.0.9 (Build 541).

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