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USB output via headphone amp from Motorola Moto G - stuttering

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Hello everyone: my question is, does anyone know how I can deal with stuttering/skipping when listening to music via a headphone amp (FiiO E17) connected to the micro USB port of a Moto G phone?


I do realise this is a VERY specific question, and that it is pretty amazing I can get any audio playback at all via USB, but it would be a really pretty sweet setup - the audio only skips a little, but is otherwise superb quality.


I have played with the buffering (and pretty much every other control), but nothing seems to shake the stutter/skipping.


Any suggestions very welcome!

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Thanks for the sppedy reply: sadly that doesn't work - I have tried going through all the audio settings one by one changing them, but no luck.


I am playing back FLAC format files, but it also does not work for 256kps files, so it's not an audio density thing.


USB playback is getting more and more popular on new Android devices, so I think this is something worth looking at for your developers, as it would be a nice feature to have, and ahead of the curve compared to other players.


They are a total bargain, so maybe it would be worth you guys at Poweramp picking one up to have a play around with? - the possibility of USB playback from newer Android devices is really cool.

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Update: finally found an app in the Play Store that can play USB audio out, so it is definitely possible.

Thing is, it's clunky, ugly, with no equaliser or spatial effects.


And it also costs over 5 pounds! And of course it's not my beloved Poweramp.


Please have a look into this, as USB playback via a headphone amp really does sound way better - there's clearly a gap in the market which this other app is exploiting, so it'd be a shame for you guys at Poweramp to miss out on it.

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