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Pause between tracks


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Hello to all,


I've purchased Poweramp unlocker some days ago. The player is working very well, expect for a little problem. I'm using the player to play tracks from compilations. The tracks are mixed together. Often happens that between the tracks there is a small sound delay/pause. It's not a track issue because on the PC the tracks are played smooth without pause. I'm using it for some fitness lessions so it's very important there is never a pause or the rythm is broken. It happens not always, but often and on random tracks.

I don't know for sure if it's an Android issue due resources utilizations or due Poweramp. Is there a way to tune up the player? I.e. if there are cache settings or any way to eliminate this behaviour? Or in case any suggestions I could apply to help me?


I've a Samsung Galaxy S Wifi 4.2 with Android 2.3


Thank's in advance!



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Make sure you've got Cut Silence selected (in Settings>Audio>Fade,Crossfade,Gapless) just in case. You could also try increasing the Audio Buffer size and the Audio Thread Priority (Settings>Audio>Advanced Tweaks).



Thank you for the the suggestions. Applying these mods seems work pretty better!


Bye, Simon

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