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Star Ratings & S4 Adaptive Sound


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I have to two requests for future features.


1.  This I have asked for many many times via E-mail.  I was told the first time it was planned to be added in the next update (but it still hasn't and has been well over a year).  I would LOVE it if you would make it so Poweramp can read the Ratings tag already in all my files.  I have every single song I have rated and would love for Poweramp to be able to read these, and not make me re-rate them.  Also, standard rating includes 1/2 star (making it out of 10 instead of 5) which is much better.


2.  The second request.  The Samsung S4 has a feature called Adaptive Sound.  This plays tones and then equalizes your left and right headphones to sound more balanced based on your ears.  I absolutely love this feature, due to a damaged right ear.  I have asked for this feature to be added to Poweramp before but no response of it.  Now Samsung did the work of making this feature.  Now can you please make Poweramp use it.  IDK why but it seems to only work in the default player app (which sucks and I paid for Poweramp).  I have tried changing all the setting available in Poweramp but it still doesn't seem to work with adaptive sound.  Please, please, please make it work.  I will be using the standard music app until then.

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