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Poweramp licensing changes

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I would suggest to change the licensing of Poweramp


1. Either Google Play (buying Unlocker)


2. Or Donate version using Paypal (get a license key file via E-Mail provided through Paypal paying process)


The Donate version should not be bundled to any E-Mail address or Google Play account.


Just looked for Titanium Backup, which offer Donate version with the license key file working on as many phones as required for 1 user only, no limitation.


And i would suggest to offer Poweramp in a special edition for 24h for AppGratis (https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.imediapp.appgratis)


This special version can not update itself, but is free of charge for 24h.


Besides: i for myself use the full version bought in Google Play.


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I have a question:


1. If i am buying Poweramp via E-Mail and i use E-Mail address not attached to any Google Play account in any way...

2. And i get the Unlocker via this special E-Mail...


Will it work on my phone even if i use for my Google Play account another E-Mail address?


I never bought it via E-Mail option, so i need Poweramp as APK as well, how do i get it?

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