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Can't find my music. Multiple problems with this program.


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Bought this program, full version with the unlocking code, yesterday. Samsung Galaxy Nexus, Ice Cream Sandwich (latest updated version loaded.)

The first problem with his program is that it is set by default to load everything on the phone into it's folders; this apparently includes all, ringtones, alarms, movies (movies?), and everything else it can find on the phone. Found out how to go to the folders loading section to stop that by uncheckiing all the checked boxes, except for Amazon mp 3 and Music.


Next problem; this program found none of the Goggle music files on my phone; and I have a lot of Google Music files on my phone. Yes all of my Google Music files have been downloaded to the phone from Google Music cloud storage. How do I find the Google Music files that are on the phone with this program? I put the phone on my computer and looked on the computer in the "Music" file, and apparently Google Music is NOT actually in the phones "Music" files section; and has been very well hidden by Google.

What was in there was the four "Amazon MP 3" albums, and they did go into the Poweramp successfully, but that led to the next problem.

The four Amazon MP 3 albums multiple downloaded into Poweramp, I wound up with two copies of everything. Deleted one of each copy of each song to leave only one copy of each song. went to check this morning and NONE of the Amazon MP 3 albums were present in spite of still being listed in the Folders section on search.


Settings/Folders and Library/Music Folders shows all four Amazon MP3 albums are listed in the two music files.

Going back to Library; All Songs, Albums, Artists, Genres, shows NO Amazon MP3. Can't find any Google Music albums no matter how I search the phone with this program.


Went back into computer, loaded from my computer music files one album directly into the phone Music file. Went to Poweramp on phone, scanned and found album did load into Poweramp. Loaded music album twice again. Deleted one copy, leaving one cop...NO DAMN MUSIC!


Right now I have no music in Poweramp, and am so frustrated with this program I would rate it zero stars.

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Does your google music folder include any sort of playlist files? (maybe CUE, or M3U format) If so, Poweramp might be scanning both the playlist file and the actual MP3 file. I think this can be adjusted in Settings > Folders and Library. Also might be worth unticking the "Parse CUE files" option?


To be honest, one of the reasons that I chose Android over iPhone/etc in the first place is that I want to be able to control my own device. My music is all located exactly where I put it, and there it stays (locally - none of this cloud nonsense). I tend avoid any software (such as iTunes) which tries to re-think my plans and tell me where it wants to store stuff.



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Thanks for the reply andrewilley.

No, the problem is that Google Music doesn't show up at all on Poweramp  scan; my Google Music folder is apparently invisible to Poweramp. The music is on the phone, not just in the cloud at the Google Music site, but the music is NOT in the phones music folder. The Google Music files and folders are hidden somewhere, and  my guess is that would be deliberate, so Google Music files cannot be played  or controlled by another music player. My files in the Amazon mp3 player downloads files (4 albums) show up fine in Poweramp; I just keep getting doubles of everything.


Google wants ONLY Google Music Player to be used on their phones, and have the folders well hidden; but apparently many other people can use it successfully, so the problem is with me.


I have found a way. All of my music, including that in the Google cloud, is on my home computer. Simply Download all of my music from the computer music section into the phones "Music" File on the phone, and then this Poweramp program can grab it. I tested it and this works; but keep getting doubles of every song and album, and if I delete any one of the doubles the music disappears from the Poweramp sections:  "All Music", "Albums", "Artists", "Genres", while still being listed in Libraries and Folders section of Poweramp on examination.


Interesting problem, and can't be specific to the Samsung Galaxy Nexus series, although I am beginning to wonder if it might be specific to my own phone; although I do not see how?


If I could solve the problem of the doubling of all files this would be easy; download my music into the Phones "Music" folder and kiss Google Music goodbye; wherever the hell they have a managed to hide their Music on the phone. I may just do it anyway and accept the hit on phone memory space from all the doubling.


P.S. Google Music Player totally sucks.

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GOT IT! Program will not recognize "Google Music Player" music, because Google hides it, other then in the actual "Music" folder of the android phone. (Screw you Google!).

And I know why I was getting double and triple files in the player.


In case this happens to anyone else here are the solutions.


Solution: Bypass Google, download all the music you want directly from your computer into the "Music" Folder of the Android phone. If anyone does not know how to open up the phone on a computer, just plug it into any USB port and look in My Computer for the phone symbol, then click on it, and start opening until you see the folders; choose "Music" folder and open.

Delete all of the Google Music player in: Android phone: Phone/Settings/Apps/ All Apps after you do; that saves the space on the phone taken up by two music players files, including Google's well hidden one. (Screw you Google!)


Solution: Problem with the Doubles showing up is because there are TWO "Music" Checks in the "Folders Selection" in this program, and an Amazon mp 3 for three checks; that's why I was getting two or three files for each music file searched for by the program. It finds both checks and loads both...And also loads anything in the Amazon mp3 files if that is also checked; hence two or three files for each music entry.


Open Poweramp/ Settings/Folders and Library/Music Folders/Folders Selection/UN-Check all of the checks, except for ONE "Music" check box. (And use ONLY ONE Music check box).

There are two full sets of checks found in the list that shows up below: "Storage/Emulated/0" and "Storage/Emulated/Legacy" I only checked the FIRST "Music" check box in Storage/Emulated/0".

If your Amazon mp3 is on your computer and you download it directly into the "Music" folder of the Android phone, you do not have to check the "Amazonmp3" you just downloaded it.

If you check BOTH Music check boxes, that causes the files to duplicate and double; and if you check Both Music check boxes, and the  Amazon mp 3 box you get three music file duplicates.


This was a "pregnant female dog" to solve; but now I have a decent music player on my phone. :-)

P.S. Google Music Player sucks...Like totally!

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Glad you got it sorted. I was going to suggest checking for legacy folders when you mentioned the duplicated tracks. Android 4.2.2 introduced a new file system which created a new '0' folder (apparently so you can have different users on the same device in the long term) but it often leaves a legacy copy too, which is usually a virtual (symbolic) link to the same main folder. The upshot is that apps see both 'folders' in the file system, so they assume (quite sensibly) they are different items. As you say, untick one of them in Poweramp to resolve this.


And Google Music, like iTunes, is a law unto itself how it stores stuff. I'm just old-fashioned in that I like to control how my device works, rather than the other way around.



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