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  1. GOT IT! Program will not recognize "Google Music Player" music, because Google hides it, other then in the actual "Music" folder of the android phone. (Screw you Google!). And I know why I was getting double and triple files in the player. In case this happens to anyone else here are the solutions. Solution: Bypass Google, download all the music you want directly from your computer into the "Music" Folder of the Android phone. If anyone does not know how to open up the phone on a computer, just plug it into any USB port and look in My Computer for the phone symbol, then click on it, and st
  2. Thanks for the reply andrewilley. No, the problem is that Google Music doesn't show up at all on Poweramp scan; my Google Music folder is apparently invisible to Poweramp. The music is on the phone, not just in the cloud at the Google Music site, but the music is NOT in the phones music folder. The Google Music files and folders are hidden somewhere, and my guess is that would be deliberate, so Google Music files cannot be played or controlled by another music player. My files in the Amazon mp3 player downloads files (4 albums) show up fine in Poweramp; I just keep getting doubles of everyt
  3. Yes I did report this in the "Bugs Section; hoping someone will know what to do to solve this mess. What am i missing?
  4. Bought this program, full version with the unlocking code, yesterday. Samsung Galaxy Nexus, Ice Cream Sandwich (latest updated version loaded.) The first problem with his program is that it is set by default to load everything on the phone into it's folders; this apparently includes all, ringtones, alarms, movies (movies?), and everything else it can find on the phone. Found out how to go to the folders loading section to stop that by uncheckiing all the checked boxes, except for Amazon mp 3 and Music. Next problem; this program found none of the Goggle music files on my phone; and I have a
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