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Sound presets

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Hello Max.

first of all: I am very happy with Your player! Thanks a lot for a good work!


One thing that I'm missing a lot:


Sound presets: I am changing presets very often. Car radio, many headphones etc.

Some of them are fine with just switching on the "Dolby" feature, some of them needs only the "Tone" tune, some of them Equalizer push.


BUT saving presets does not really save all the sound features it has! It means that if I switch on the dolby feature which fine in a car - without tone or equalizer tweaks and then I switch to headphones, I change the preset, but the Tone stays switched off (althew bass and treble setting is changed), dolby stays switched on (witch I do not want), even the Stereo X does not change.


So the preset saves only the equalizer setting, which is... not enough.


I (and I belive that others too) woul VERY appreciate, if You extended the presets feature to other sound tweaks that we can set in this amazing player.


Best regards,


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