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Correctly library context menu

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For explanation 4PDA forum: http://4pda.ru/forum/index.php?showtopic=194117&view=findpost&p=20920377

Blaсk_BG writes:

A suggestion. Functions stuffed Nemer, but offered another one.

Faced with the fact that all the music from the collection zadolbala, well it is the mood, what to do ... (

Poured himself a new muzla that never listened, just 4 groups (similar direction)

I sit and listen to put stars, what you like, what does not, so you do not listen to crap, as is often the case with contemporary artists.

Sprockets I put down and after some time if you choose the "high priced" will only listen to what I liked. this is good)

But here's what the card loose pile of junk that I do not need to fill in and prevents more muzla is bad (

Now how do I get rid of trash, especially since I have not yet learned what an album, song titles, and what I liked and what did not?

Sit like a fool, and compare how the list is highly regarded with the presence in the folder ... dreary, long gemorno, uncomfortable ... (

The player has a delete function, He can do everything myself, I mean. It remains only to saw easy selection.


AMPs do something like this

Go to the folder / album / artist / queue / playlist / all tracks / etc zhmakaem menu and there zhmakaem button "delete bullshit"

and there is a window with a question

"Delete only the current (before his eyes) or a list of all varieties of music?" - A couple of ticks

"Below which estimates assume tracks bullshit?" and the same star

zhmakaem app and released the player is still room for a good muzla)


possible in the options list of highly regarded add sorting. desirable that necessarily was sorting by artist and performer inside podsortirovka by album, but within an album in order of tracks.

ie choosing sort by artist, sort the rest as indicated.

and now all mixed up at all, various artists and different albums are following each other ... ( http://4pda.ru/forum/index.php?showtopic=194117&view=findpost&p=20920377

Vanderas writes:

Support, a good suggestion!

Now I certainly do not understand why a 5-point rating scale track? In my opinion it would be quite a star if tapnul by star while playing you like a song, then it is automatically entered into the list of "highly valued", but only a list would be more correct to call the "My Favorites", because, if I understand correctly, even if the The tracks will be delivered one of the 5 stars, it (the track) is still logged in the list of "high priced" although assessment is actually not very much. In general, it would be easier or have an appreciation (one star) or it is not (the star is inactive), ie if there is no assessment, then the track is not very. Well, or make a list of "high priced" placed only tracks with at least 4 - 5 stars. Or if you leave the five-point scale, then deleting should request "track with what rating to delete?" and choose a rating 1, 2, 3, 4 and / or 5. For easy removal neponravilas songs would be convenient to have the item "Tracks not rated" and long tapom on it could bring up a context menu where you would be the "clean up" these tracks from all playlist (in case the track in general. Flac or. ape file, ie whole file on the whole album), or delete from the SD-card (if a separate track).

And, MaxMP, really beg you, please, do so with a long Tape on one of the library list ("All tracks", "Albums", "Artists", "highly valued", etc.) opens a context menu features "Play All", "Delete all", "in line" and "Add to Playlist". And it turns out that in order to play, for example, all the "high priced" - no way. Ie to every track at this point the library to add to a playlist or queue, which is very inconvenient and time consuming. And it would be useful if the right tapnul the item "Highly Rated" and click on the shortcut menu "Play" and went to play at a time or peremeshku all favorite tracks. Agree, because it would be much more ergonomic! http://4pda.ru/forum/index.php?showtopic=194117&view=findpost&p=20928030

On the "highly valued" in the context menu is no point where you can choose from:

- "Add to Playlist" (do not know what it is, for me playlist - all the tracks on the SD card);

- "In line" (like a normal function, and in principle is similar to what I wrote above, but when you press this button, it is proposed to select the files to be added to the queue. If these files 1000 pieces, or if the name and artist I do not remember, but only liked the music and I appreciated? Since all highly rated files - taken for granted as good, then I'm happy to play them all at once, and why do the extra keystrokes, when it was just a little longer to tapnut item "Highly Rated" and select the "Play All");

- "Shuffle" (Here, this button is somewhat similar to what you want, but if I just want to in order to play? Ie I do not provide a name and get all the highest rated tracks will be played back only mixed when it theoretically could be made optional: "Play all in order," "Play in reverse order" or "Play all mixed up");

- Other keys to this issue do not fit, except the "delete", but again, when you are asked to select its tracks to be removed, and is not offered, such as "Select All".

MaxMP and Poweramp users, what do you say? I think would be a handy feature.

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