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Buttons for previous/next category in notifications

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In addition to the existing three buttons in notification (previous, pause, next) is it possible to add two more buttons for previous and next category?

For example, MX Player have three butons (previous, pause, next) but when you swipe down, then you got two more buttons (rewind & forward) see image in attachment.

I think this would be useful feature. Sometimes I can't leave app that I'm using but I would like to change curently playing category.

If it's not possible to add these buttons, I would appreciate shell command for changing category. 




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8 hours ago, andrewilley said:

Would be nice, but I didn't know Android supported that much info in a Notification these days - what version of Android are you running, that looks pretty old? Certainly MX Player on my Android 11 doesn't, this is fully expanded:



Well, I'm using Android Nougat 7.1 and MX player 1.26.7 (old version).

Maybe MX developer removed expandable notification in newer versions.

I just checked "Musicolet" audio player and this player has more richer notification. Add to playlist option, like button, rewind & forward, previous/next song, color of notification depends on album artwork...

It's awesome. Even has "Upcoming songs" feature.

Although it would be nice to have all of these option in PA, I would appreciate just buttons for next/previous category.

Check this out.


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Yea I agree, that's the reason I'm using old version of MX player. I'll try VLC.

Good. So it's possible in newer android versions.

I hope one day we'll see additional buttons in PA notification. Until that, does anyone know shell command for next/previous category? @maxmp perhaps? 

I could run shell command with Xposed Edge app - gesture feature.


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