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Maybe include a "minimalist" UI screenshot in the Play Store


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Hi! Recent Google Play Music convert to Poweramp; Poweramp came highly recommended on some forums.

Now, I tried (not kidding) 10-12 different music players until Poweramp: XenoAmp, Neutron, WinAmp, Cubed, Holo, DoubleTwist, AmazonMP3, Samsung's stock player, N7, PlayerPro, GoneMad, Rocket Player, and even Real Player! The main reason I didn't try Poweramp was because the screenshots of the app looked busy and complex (I obviously did not know the customizeablitity of Poweramp yet!).

For instance, compare these three screenshots (Google Play Music on left, Poweramp's Play Store screenshot in the middle, an my Poweramp screenshot--not a theme--on the right):


Poweramp seems to have lots of buttons, but obviously, Max realizes that some users don't need those buttons constantly available. Thus, to maybe increase the number of people who don't get scared away from Poweramp, have you considered including something similar to the screenshot on the far right? To show users that it really is very customizeable?


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