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  1. The title is explaining itself that what I want. What do you think about it ?
  2. Does anyone like to give me the screenshots of Poweramp 790 built as I can't run it on my device due to low Android version. But I'm highly excited to see it. So screenshots will help me take a glance of new material design of it !
  3. Well In my view, I've seen apps on Play Store built on Material Design and they runs on my device smoothly. What is the reason that New Poweramp will not work on Android versions less than Lollipop ?
  4. Oh yeah... 709.. exactly. Not 703 installed. :-P Well it's a sad thing for me that from now, Poweramp will require Lollipop version of android to run... and I'm using an old device currently has 4.1.2 . But 709 was also good.
  5. I've installed 703 and it was really good. And now I can't wait for next version which is going to be have a parametric equalizer. It would be a really good feature and everyone gonna love it.
  6. Can you tell me something about next stable release dates of v3 ?
  7. But it is only available on v3 beta. Read above description again, I've told that this feature would be released as stable v3 version on play store.
  8. It would be a nice feature to add "Edit Frequency" option in EQUALIZER settings by which we can amplify any frequency we want, ... Instead of keep stucked on pre-mentioned frequencies such as 31Hz, 62Hz... and further.
  9. Developers, Poweramp is a rich featured music app but I think that there should be a Reverb effect added in upcoming stable official version which will make it a complete audiophile app!
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