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  1. Aha! Thank you for the example. I changed my paths from /All The Small Things.mp3 to MP3s\All The Small Things.mp3 and then moved my playlists to the folder above and it worked! Thank you, Andre! It seems like Poweramp requires at least one folder in between the playlists and the referenced MP3s. Thank you, mate!
  2. Have you seen that somewhere? I didn't even know that was possible. I just have the play "button" to return to the player UI.
  3. Edit: usually there is no permanent change when rooting. It completely depends on the method. Do you break open the lock or did you find a matter key?
  4. Ahhh, crap! I forgot some of the Sony devices didn't have adb backup (the method by which Helium works). Fudge nickers. Hmm..the ratings are stored in a special partition that only root can access. ADB backup is, otherwise, a magical tool because it gets around that. Technically, you might be able to use recovery (like a safe mode), which isn't root, to make a backup and then extract the data, but that would require effort and technological know how similar to just rooting it and restoring the data would be an even bigger pain. From my end, the only other option I see is to temporarily root
  5. Hmm..is anyone using relative paths? After I read the developer's reply here ( http://forum.powerampapp.com/index.php?/topic/4625-m3u-playlists-visible-but-emply/ ), it looks like each song entry requires a "last" folder. Is that what I'm missing?
  6. Thanks for keeping the app updated (or at least moving towards these new features). If you were still looking for input on maybe which you would prioritize, I would like to put in yet another vote for "- rating sync'ing from/to tags". If you move to new phone, if you flash ROMs, or if your library is damaged/deleted, you lose *all* your ratings. Usually, people put a lot of time and effort into those ratings. But, anyways, thanks for the solid app! Always come back to it... EDIT: Also, I'd be willing to pay again for an updated version, if need be.
  7. 1) It is stored in Poweramp's app data. As seen in the TODO list, "- rating sync'ing from/to tags" has not been implemented. Wish I could "upvote" that one suggestion, 2) I thought you didn't have the phone--I'm sorry! If you do, use Helium on the Play Store to backup the data. It doesn't require root, but does require a computer. Then, install Helium on the new phone and copy over the backup from the old phone. Restore and let's see what happens! ~Ibrahim~
  8. Yup. They all play fine. Thank you for the reply, I just tried a re-install: same issue.
  9. Hi! I'm having a little trouble with Poweramp displaying my .m3u8 playlist. Here's how my playlist is organized. As you can see, the BFV.m3u8 playlist is in the same folder as the MP3s--thus, it is using relative paths (highlighted in green). One of the songs is highlighted in yellow. However, when I jump on my Galaxy S III running 4.2.2 (AOKP, Milestone 2), the playlist is empty: I have rescanned the library. Then the playlist says "not loaded yet". If I open it, though, it loads with 0 songs. What am I doing wrong?
  10. I had a similar problem when I flashed a new ROM. Had a backup of the playlists, but lost all the ratings (though I only had about 600 songs). I think the problem/issue is that Poweramp, like iTunes and many other players, doesn't save the ratings actually TO the MP3 file (even though they support it); instead, I think, its own internal database keeps track of the ratings If anyone knows any info regarding this, I'd be interested too! ~Ibrahim~
  11. Hi! Recent Google Play Music convert to Poweramp; Poweramp came highly recommended on some forums. Now, I tried (not kidding) 10-12 different music players until Poweramp: XenoAmp, Neutron, WinAmp, Cubed, Holo, DoubleTwist, AmazonMP3, Samsung's stock player, N7, PlayerPro, GoneMad, Rocket Player, and even Real Player! The main reason I didn't try Poweramp was because the screenshots of the app looked busy and complex (I obviously did not know the customizeablitity of Poweramp yet!). For instance, compare these three screenshots (Google Play Music on left, Poweramp's Play Store screenshot in th
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