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Let's have a File Browser in Poweramp


a File Browser for Poweramp  

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  1. 1. Should we have a File Browser in Poweramp for on-the-fly playback of supported files

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I would like to propose having a File Browser in Poweramp.

It would work similar to the way an Android file manager works in that it can browser the system/sd card for folders and files but instead within Poweramp it would be filtered only be able 'see' all supported audio/video file extensions for immediate on-the-fly playback within Poweramp.

Rationale for this proposal:

1.) Ready to use on-the-fly playback

2.) Not all users use or have familarty with creating playlists

3.) Avoid having to use a 3rd party file manager.(potentially triggering Poweramp app crashes)

4.) Able to more accurately locate and playback files from inconsistent locations such as USB connected drives (especially with USB OTG support on devices like Samsung Galaxy S3, tablets etc)


5.) Easily access and playback files from Folders of music which have not been user added to the Poweramp Library.

6.) There are a few reasons why a user may not want to add (scan) a particular folder of music to Poweramp's Library. One of which might be content.

7.) This would help complete Poweramp as an all round super music player. Poweramp already has support or planned support for ad-hoc things such as Lyrics, podcast streaming, online radio, cloud, ratings, tag editing..The list goes on. All of which are preliminary supported or schedules to get future support in Poweramp. An internal basic File Browser for Poweramp would really add benefit.


It would display only Filenames and no tag data or anything else, strictly filenames only, similar to the Poweramp 'All Songs' view:


Such a 'Browser' if implemented, should be accessible from both within the Poweramp's "Library" selection view and also available as an optional "Startup screen".



Maybe some basic file management actions such as Rename, Batch Rename, Delete, Copy, Move, Share etc could be considered although these are not important. If not considered then this Poweramp "Browser" would be a strictly read-only explorer.


Poweramp 2.0.7-build-515

Samsung Galaxy S3 , stock Touchwiz UX ROM

Android 4.1 Jelly Bean

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I find it very annoying that the "Folders" window in Poweramp throws every folder into one list and completely neglects directory structure.  My music, like most people's music is stored as artist/album.


Libraries are useless unless you have all your tags perfected and uniformal.  For example if I have 2 albums from the same artist with different spelling in the tags, a library would create 2 different entries.  For example ACDC and AC/DC would show up as two different artists.


do not us an iPhone for this very reason.  I download music while I am playing music and absolutely need a file browser built into my music player that functions like a normal one. I would like to browse to the location where I downloaded a song or an album and start playing it without having to do this scan crap then try to find it.


Also when I finally find what I am looking for and touch it to play it, Poweramp automatically goes back to the main now playing screen.  If I wish to go back to where I selected the file I just played, I have to go back to "Folders" or "Library" and look for it all over again.  This is very frustrating.



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For the first point, go to the Poweramp Folders view, press Menu, select "List Options" and set "View As" to "Hierarchy".

For your second question, select Poweramp Settings > "Folders and Library" > "List" > "List Item Click Action" and then choose your preferred mode (either "Play and Stay In List" or "Enqueue and Stay In List").


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