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Multiple-Folder Sets


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Currently when you want to view your songs you have two panels "Folders" and "Library" at the bottom of the screen. The "Folders" panel is configured by selecting which folders are scanned for audio files. It would be usefull if I was given the ability to dynamically create and delete different folder sets to replace, augment, or categorize what I wish to listen to by folder locations.

This solves a set of user stories directly tied to have audio files that are not music such as ebooks and podcasts. While using playlists does work around such issues, it is slow to work with more than a few files and adds overhead when aquiring new audio files of any type.

For example, consider that I have the following directories

- /sdcard/music/

- /extsdcard/amazonmp3/

- /sdcard/ebooks/

- /sdcard/podcasts


It would be nice if I could define three different folder sets: "Music", "eBooks", and "Pod Casts". The Music set would incude the first two directorys /music/ and /amazonmp3/. The other two categories would follow the same pattern.

The use case to manage folder sets could be something along these lines:

  1. User: Open Poweramp (Existing)
  2. User: Tap Menu Button (Existing)
  3. User: Tap Settings (Existing)
  4. User: Tap Folders and Library (Existing)
  5. User: Tap Folder Sets (Existing item is Music Folders)
  6. System: Display a list of Folder Sets (Default is just 1 Folder Set named "Folder")
  7. User: Taps the 'X' next to the default "Folder"
  8. System: Promps user to delete the folder set
  9. User: Taps Ok
  10. System: deletes the folder set
  11. User: Taps create new folder set
  12. System: Prompts for new folder set name
  13. User: enters new folder set name & presses ok
  14. System: Creates new folder set
  15. User: Taps new folder set
  16. System: shows something similar to the current folder selector
  17. User: Checks/Unchecks various folders
  18. User: Clicks ok/save
  19. System: Saves new folder set and scans if needed

Then you can activate a Folder Set similar to a play list and have everything from that set of folders play during random/shuffle.

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