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limit play to a folder


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Can you add the ability to limit play to a particular folder in the hierarchy?

I know that you can long press a folder and select play/shuffle and it works, but it works by creating a temporary list with all the songs in the folder and its subfolders, and shuffle lists doesnt work (there is only one big list). If i dont select a particular folder but turn on [shuffle lists, songs in order], the whole library is shuffled.

I want the ability to shuffle folders within a top level folder, but play songs in each folder in order.

Right now, i am able to solve this problem by changing the music folder to one of the top level folders i am interested in.(I have to go to menu->settings->folders and library->music folders). Then i play any song and it limits the play to the folder and its subfolders while shuffling the sub-folders. it works, but is a bit cumbersome.

Could you provide a shortcut on the main screen or the menu, or an easier way to select the music folder instead of the 4 step process above?



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