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  1. Hi, Can you add the ability to limit play to a particular folder in the hierarchy? I know that you can long press a folder and select play/shuffle and it works, but it works by creating a temporary list with all the songs in the folder and its subfolders, and shuffle lists doesnt work (there is only one big list). If i dont select a particular folder but turn on [shuffle lists, songs in order], the whole library is shuffled. I want the ability to shuffle folders within a top level folder, but play songs in each folder in order. Right now, i am able to solve this problem by changing the music folder to one of the top level folders i am interested in.(I have to go to menu->settings->folders and library->music folders). Then i play any song and it limits the play to the folder and its subfolders while shuffling the sub-folders. it works, but is a bit cumbersome. Could you provide a shortcut on the main screen or the menu, or an easier way to select the music folder instead of the 4 step process above? Thanks Tejas
  2. Thats very good news, but i just wanted to confirm a particular use case: My music collection is divided into genres: example: rock & pop are two genres. Inside rock there is an album a, album b, album c Inside pop there is album d, album e, album f Each album has 3 songs Inside the Library: If i select "genres" from the library, and select "rock" i will see 3 albums a,b and c. Now, if i select "all genre songs" and play them, will i be able to shuffle by album? Which means, the play order should be: rock - album a - track 1 rock - album a - track 2 rock - album a - track 3 rock - album c - track 1 rock - album c - track 2 rock - album c - track 3 rock - album b - track 1 rock - album b - track 2 rock - album b - track 3 Can i do this in version 2? Second question: Can i shuffle by artist instead of album, inside of the "rock" genre? Which means it plays all the albums of a particular artist before it randomly choses another artist and plays all his/her albums. Will version 2 enable this also? Thanks Tejas
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