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Hi there,

I am a DoubleTwist user who purchased Poweramp mostly because of the lyrics and EQ features and had some questions about lyrics. I recently converted from iPhone to an Android, so please bare with me.

Most of my songs have lyrics in the mp3 tags. It looks like to display lyrics, I need to:

1. Play the song and make sure the album art screen is showing (not the playlist view).

2. Press the "context key" to bring up the menu (sorry, new Android user; I don't know what the button names are)

3. Click "More".

4. Click "Lyrics".

This is really an involved process when all I want to do is see the lyrics embedded in the file! Is there not an easier way to view lyrics than a 4 step process?

Secondly, the FAQ on this site says that lyrics are also supported via plugin, but it doesn't say which plugin. What plugin should I get?

Lastly, are there any plans to make lyric viewing easier than this?



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Download version 1.4 from this site (go to the download page). It handles embedded lyrics MUCH better than the current version 2.06. It auto loads them over the album art in the player, like the iPhone does. The music selection screens are harded to get at though, but it's worth the trade off to me.

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Download musiXmatch player via Google Play. The plugin you need is within that app and Poweramp will launch that app to view lyrics. I'm hoping that Poweramp takes advantage of the lyrics api that musiXmatch has made available to developers and puts in their next update. Seems silly to download the whole musiXmatch app when all I need is the plugin. Also, when all else fails, there's TuneWiki lol.

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