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  1. I'm still using Poweramp version 1.4 because I prefer the way lyrics are handled. I just switched to a Galaxy Note 2 with Android 4.1 (Jelly Bean) from a Samsung S3 with Android 4.0. I store all of my music on an external SD card (64GB). In S3, Poweramp was able to see the SD card folder and find my music. However, with the Note 2 and 4.1 the music folder menu does not give me an option to use any external SD card folders, even with a rescan of the folders. All other application can see the external SD card (including music apps), so the card is functioning properly. Any ideas on how to fix th
  2. No player that I know has this feature yet, but it would be very cool if the player would allow you to start a shuffle set and suspend it while playing another song temporarily - either by allowing you to to save the state of the shuffle or by just including a manually selected song as part of the ongoing shuffle, or both.
  3. There is no way that displaying lyrics that ar already embedded in a music file is illegal. It's only going out and searching lyrics that is illegal. In fact, you are displaying embedded lyrics in the current version of the app, so if it was true that it was illegal (which it's not), you would currently be performing an illegal act. In any case, NONE of this has to do with changing the song of already displayed lyrics in yor current app. Or showing them on the main play window instead of a seperate window. That is not any more or less legal than that you are dong right now, so the delay makes
  4. I would love to rearrange the play screen with the song / artist / album on the TOP of the screen. Is there a skin that can do this? Tony
  5. Will the next version's lyrics scroll over the album art within the play window like in 1.4? If so (and that would be AWESOME), when is the next version due to be released?
  6. Nevermind on my first question - I downloaded the unlocker and it works to unlock version 1.4. So another question - Are there any other skins available that work with v1.4 other than the 4 that it came with? I'd love to have the play controls on the bottom and song info on top. Tony
  7. Download version 1.4 from this site (go to the download page). It handles embedded lyrics MUCH better than the current version 2.06. It auto loads them over the album art in the player, like the iPhone does. The music selection screens are harded to get at though, but it's worth the trade off to me.
  8. I just downloaded version 1.4 of Poweramp and I like the way it handles lyrics WAY WAY beterr than version 2.06. So if I buy the 2.06 unlocker in the Google play store, will this also unlock version 1.4? Is there a way to have both v2.06 (or whatever is current in the future) AND version 1.4 installed at the same time using the same unlocker?
  9. +1000!! I woud also LOVE to see lyrics embedded as ID3 tags in m4a files (from iTunes) be displayed in the main music PLAYER window automatically (if they exist) over a dimmed album art or black screen, similar to what the iPhone music player does currently, and NOT as a seperate menu / screen window, and have them change as the song changes. Thiere is obviously NO legal reason that this can't be one (heck, Apple does this), and no other music player does this correctly right now, so it would be a huge selling feature. Apparantly this had already been done in a previous version, so it certainl
  10. Yea, at the very least, have the lyrics change in the lyrics overlay screen when the song changes!! Although I'd love a play / pause, skip and song position bar somewhere on the screen where you can also see the lyrics. I've yet to find an android player that does lyrics like the Music player on the iPhone, which is the ideal, and I've tried about 10 music players!! I'm not sure why every Android developer feels the need to have a seperate screen overlay for lyrics, which is totally NOT condusive to playing while viewing lyrics over multiple songs.
  11. The only way I can get the player to show lyrics (on my Samsung Galaxy S3) is to choose the "lyrics" menu item off the setting menu while the song is playing, which then displays a pop-up with lyrics but makes the actual player controls and info inaccessible. Is it possible to view the lyrics instead of the cover art (or over a dimmed cover art display like in the Apple iPod player) inside the actual player itself? Under "features" on the main website, it states the following: - Poweramp main screen has large album art, which supports gestures on it - optionally, embed song lyrics can be shown
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