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Album cover : allow to change keywords

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Hi !

I'd like to be able to change the keywords used to search for the album cover, or allow to search for more results.

Sometimes, it doesn't correctly select the cover of the current playing song, so a long press on the cover starts searching for other covers.

In most cases it works quite well.

But sometimes it fails :

- for custom/rare compilations where the "album" field of the MP3 tag is not the official album of the song but a different name.

- The band / album is not well known or looks like an existing name more popupar (the french band "Dolly" always give me Dolly Parton covers)

- The album name contains a lot of information (year, volume number, etc.) that I think might prevent the search to return correct results.

So it would be nice if a long press on the search keywords (usually band - album name) in the search screen could allow the user to alter them in order to improve the accuracy of the search.

Another good solution would be to allow the user to search for more covers. Today the search returns only a few results. At the bottom of the screen, a "more" button could help to find an appropriate cover.

Thanks !

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