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  1. Hi, OGG is a much superior format that MP3 (better quality for smaller size) so I'm considering converting the music on my phone to that format. But it seems that Poweramp doesn't support ReplayGain for that format, and I miss that. I know that there is no standard, but it seems that VorbisGain is the most common one. To be specific, my extractor software (Poikosoft EZ CD Audio Converter) writes those metadata in the file: REPLAYGAIN_TRACK_GAIN, REPLAYGAIN_TRACK_PEAK, REPLAYGAIN_ALBUM_GAIN, REPLAYGAIN_ALBUM_PEAK Could you implement that ? Thanks.
  2. The only reason I use another music app, is to use ChromeCast streaming (with the awful "Google Play" app)... Poweramp is great !
  3. 99% of the time, my phone is in my pocket or the screen is off, so I don't really care about the UI, as long as it's usable (I'm looking at you, the Google Play Music app). I like the UI right now and think it is quite intuitive and easy to use. What I miss the most right now is a Chromecast support (the audio and the video versions), but from what I read, it seems that a basic support is planned, so great. Except that, I'm mostly interested in new "small", quality-of-life, features (like those listed on the first page).
  4. That's a great news ! I tried to use the Google Play app, but it really sucks compared to Poweramp !
  5. Same here. Just got a chromecast and was really disappointed to see that Poweramp doesn't support it... Yet ! Please, add this feature !
  6. I often notice that the first cover art found is wrong, especially with compilations. So here are some improvements I'd like to see added to the cover art search : Let me change the search terms : by default, it seems to look for the band's name + the album's name. but sometimes removing the band's name would get better results, or sometimes there are some text in the album name that I'm sure prevent getting accurate results (such as a year, a CD number, annotations...). So it would be nice if the search terms were editable.Cover art search is really slow. I don't know what it is doing but e
  7. I agree, smaller steps would be nice. Especially with Direct Volume Control, I noticed that the volume changes in 2 steps : it immedialely changes when pushing the volume up/down buttons and maybe half-second later it changes again, as if I pushed the button twice. But often the first step volume would have been perfect . I'm using a galaxy s2 on Android 4.1.2
  8. +1 ! I was looking for that information. At least display it on the track's "Info/Tag" screen ! It might help to know what gain the app is applying (default or the one detected in the file tags) (there are several topics here that ask exactly the same feature)
  9. Hi ! I'd like to be able to change the keywords used to search for the album cover, or allow to search for more results. Sometimes, it doesn't correctly select the cover of the current playing song, so a long press on the cover starts searching for other covers. In most cases it works quite well. But sometimes it fails : - for custom/rare compilations where the "album" field of the MP3 tag is not the official album of the song but a different name. - The band / album is not well known or looks like an existing name more popupar (the french band "Dolly" always give me Dolly Parton covers) - The
  10. Oh, that's too bad... Do you know any solution to that (without using another ROM, if possible) ? Some app claim to add this feature and work with Poweramp, but the few I tried didn't work (like Next Song https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.tournesol.android.nextsong). I guess that's still the same issue : ROM that doesn't allow it. I guess that without that possibility with my phone, I'll have to keep using my mp3 player instead of my phone or buy specific headset
  11. Oh ok ! Thanks for the quick answer, I was looking into the app settings !
  12. Hi ! Same question... Reading this thread it seemed to be planned in 2010 but the folder view still displays all folders without keeping the physical hierarchy.
  13. Same problem here. I'd like to skip track with the volume button but it doesn't seem to work with the Galaxy S2 while it seem to work for other users with other phones. I'm using the trial version but I don't think it has any impact. This is a "go / no go" feature for me...
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