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Bluetooth Probleme

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Hallo ich habe Probleme mit Bluetooth. Sobald ich einen Kopfhörer verbinde, startet Poweramp und ich höre Musik über den Handylautsprecher und nicht über die Kopfhörer. Warum? Kann mir jemand weiterhelfen. Android 12, Samsung A53 5g. Poweramp neuste Version.

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Poweramp will send audio to whatever device Android says is the current chosen output (this can sometimes be adjusted in Samsung devices using their SmartThings menu). But normally, connecting a BT device which is set up to act as an audio profile (i.e. not for only phone calls) should then route the audio to it. Try unpairing and re-pairing the headset and check that it is set for stereo music output (also called "A2DP"). You could also try resetting the Output method in Poweramp back to Default, or try a different encoding method in PA Settings=>Audio=>Output (e.g. try AAudio, AudioTrack, or Hi-Res instead of plain OpenSL ES).

Auto-playback resuming can be triggered in several ways. It can be enabled/disabled in Poweramp (in PA Settings=>Headset/Bluetooth) but it's also possible that the BT device itself is sending a KEYCODE_MEDIA_PLAY_PAUSE button event, which Poweramp will then respond to. You can check this via the log in PA Settings=>Headset/Bluetooth=>Last Processed Commands. Recent builds of PA (e.g. 981) have an extra option in the Headset/Bluetooth menu to force ignoring of any commands received within a certain period after a BT connection is established, which may help in this sort of situation. 


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