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Poweramp switches playing through Phone audio profile when connected in car instead of car audio profile

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Seeing a lot of strange behaviour. I think this is all related to Android OS and probably not Poweramp, but I will lodge these issues here.

I hop in my car and turn the car on. The bluetooth connects. Sometimes Poweramp will begin playing music without issue, as it should. Sometimes it doesn't. It just sits there connected to Bluetooth and doesn't play.
When Poweramp is playing music in the car successfully, after a while, at random, the car will start playing audio through the Phone call profile, but still my car speakers. It's as if I'm on a call and the music is playing on a call. The headunit says "Phone" instead of "BT Audio". I cancel the "call" using my steerging wheel...hangup and then it swtiches to Bluetooth, but audio doesn't play automatically. If I press play on PA on my phone the pause icon changes to play for a second then reverts back to Pause. Then I press it again and it starts playing music.

Very frustrating.

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Some Bluetooth devices send their own resume commands upon establishing a connection, which can cause playback to commence just because a connection has been established. Most people do not want this behaviour, so there is an option for PA to ignore such instances for up to 10 seconds after connection, see Settings=>Headset/Bluetooth=>Ignore Bluetooth Commands. Set it to zero if you do want the headunit to assume control.

Poweramp also has its own controls for restarting playback on connection, see Settings=>Headset/Bluetooth=>Resume On Bluetooth.

Personally I would suggest ignoring whatever the headunit may (or may not) be sending, and use PA's own resume setting instead - which in theory should give you more consistent behaviour. If your vehicle supports it, Android Auto generally provides a better experience than just Bluetooth.


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