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Poweramp not showing in Android Auto

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I have just bought 2019 Peugeot 3008 which has Android Auto, but when I plug my Samsung S24 Ultra into the Car USB, I do not see Poweramp as an available APP, I have gone into configuration and it is not there unselected, so I cannot add it? I am connecting using a good quality USB lead and APPs like WAZE & PocketCasts work fine. I bought Poweramp a few years ago and have used the unlocker, I have the latest version installed, I have it as a Widget on the phone, so it is active and works fine.  Just starting Android Auto on my phone without connecting to the car and going into customising, it does not show Poweramp as an available APP in android auto.

Any ideas how I add Poweramp to Android Auto? 

Thanks for any advice.


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In case anyone else is finding this thread later, to get into AA dev mode: go to Android Settings=>Connected Devices=>Android Auto. Scroll down to 'Version and Permission info' and tap on that ten times. You will then be able to access the Developer Settings screen via the three-dots menu at the top of the screen.


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