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  1. I am having some issues with my Galaxy S7 and my Renault Capture. I am using Android Auto and every single time when I connect my phone to the car, Poweramp switches to speaker output. The result is that I get no sound at all. Tryed other music app and everything was working fine. Is there a solution to this issue?
  2. Since the last update I have lost Bluetooth control. Have someone else also noticed this? I am running Samsung S7 with the latest stock firmware.
  3. Here is a video with my settings and my problem. During the video I am switching from headphones to Bluetooth and back to headphones. 20181129_224007.mp4
  4. @maxmp Hi Max. I am noticing one annoying bug in the v3. I use Poweramp with both with wire headset and Bluetooth. On the wire headset I like to use the Tone settings ON but on the Bluetooth I turn it OFF due to distortions. This is why I have enabled the "no equ/tone" seting for the Bluetooth output from the audio output options. The problem is that when I switch from Bluetooth to wired headphones the Tone option stays disabled in the equaliser menu and I have to enable it manually. I am using a Samsung S7 with the latest stock android.
  5. @maxmp I get a lot of crashes all the time. Sometimes it is when the next song should start and sometimes is when I try to skip a song. Previous version was fine. I have send all the crash reports over the email... Samsung S7 with stock Oreo
  6. I am using Yamaha YBA-11 receiver that supports aptX. But since Oreo the HD outputs are over amplified and you can hear cracks in the sound. I have tried every single option but with no success. The standard output is ok but the quality is lower.
  7. Have you tested the Bluetooth output using the Open SL HD? I get really poor results with my S7 and Oreo using it.
  8. @max After the Oreo update of my Samsung S7 (the official one) I am having some issues with Poweramp 790. It can't play music automatically when I connect a wired headset or when I connect to my car's Bluetooth. Also the Bluetooth connection is very poor when I use OpenSL ES HD that I used before the Oreo update.
  9. Am I the only one that can't save new EQs or assign EQs? Can someone please check it?
  10. Another problem that I have noticed is that you can't save or assign EQs. This is quite annoying for me since I have to use totaly different EQ for wired headset and for my car's Bluetooth.
  11. I managed to get it to work by cleaning the cache. Mine is an Exynos too. Not sure how to create a catlog and if it is possible now that the problem is gone. The new version looks great! Good job.
  12. It doesn't start on Samsung S7 with the latest stock ROM. I get a massage 'Poweranp has stopped working' right after the main screen shows. PS. This is after I have upgraded from the alpha version.
  13. Same problem. It changes the equaliser settings after every song! Version 2.0.10 build 588 play.
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