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DVC or High Res?


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I recently got an Xperia 1 V. Using the headphone jack, it seems that I can't use DVC and High Res output at the same time.

I'm interested to know if you would rather use DVC at 48kHz/16 bit, or no DVC with maxed output at 384 kHz/32 bit.

My collection is almost entirely 44.1 kHz/16 bit.


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If your collection is all 44.1 kHz content, there's not much point in using hi-res output. DVC is probably more useful and better quality (also better overall volume).

You could also try AAudio output or AudioTrack, which may offer both options for you.


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Thanks to both of you for your input!

I failed to mention that I don't use any eq with my wired headphones. So I'm not too worried about distortion.

I did previously try AAudio. It does work with both high res and DVC, but I was receiving very brief audio dropouts. Also, audio ducking doesn't work at all with AAudio for me. (Not a huge issue, but wanted to note that)

Considering my music is almost entirely CD rips, I suppose DVC would make more sense to use. I'm not sure I can actually tell a difference between 48 kHz/16 bit and upsampled high res. But I do notice a volume improvement using DVC, and in theory, I like the idea of having the more direct path from Poweramp to output.

Thanks again!

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