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Tagscanner splits titles containing commas when exporting to csv

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I ran into this problem when trying to create a list of all the songs in my music collection in Excel.  I loaded the collection into Tagscanner and exported to csv, however the resulting file splits titles containing a comma into two columns.  For example, the song "Sun Comes Up, It's Tuesday Morning" appears in the csv file in two columns, one containing "Sun Comes Up" and the other containing "It's Tuesday Morning". Obviously, the comma in the title is throwing it out.  Is there any way around this problem, please? Many thanks.

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Seems OK to me. You may not be able to just click on the CSV file or drag it to Excel to open it though. I found that in Excel I needed to use menu>Data>From Text/CSV. Otherwise it does not seem to recognise the forced-verbatim fields that are enclosed in quote marks.

For example, a CSV export ready for Excel should be a text file with all of the fields delimited by quotation marks (to avoid the problem you describe with commas in fields):

"Mamma Mia";"ABBA";"ABBA";"01";"1975";"Pop ; Disco";"210"
"Hey, Hey Helen";"ABBA";"ABBA";"02";"1975";"Pop ; Disco";"193"
"Tropical Loveland";"ABBA";"ABBA";"03";"1975";"Pop ; Disco";"182"
"SOS";"ABBA";"ABBA";"04";"1975";"Pop ; Disco";"198"
"Man In The Middle";"ABBA";"ABBA";"05";"1975";"Pop ; Disco";"176"
"Bang-A-Boomerang";"ABBA";"ABBA";"06";"1975";"Pop ; Disco";"180"
"I Do, I Do, I Do, I Do, I Do";"ABBA";"ABBA";"07";"1975";"Pop ; Disco";"193"
"Rock Me";"ABBA";"ABBA";"08";"1975";"Pop ; Disco";"182"
"Intermezzo No.1";"ABBA";"ABBA";"09";"1975";"Pop ; Disco";"223"
"I’ve Been Waiting For You";"ABBA";"ABBA";"10";"1975";"Pop ; Disco";"216"
"So Long";"ABBA";"ABBA";"11";"1975";"Pop ; Disco";"183"

And the default settings when importing that into Excel with menu>Data>From Text/CSV should result in:


(you can control which tags get exported by using the 'Edit' function in TasScanner's Export menu) 


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Thanks Andre, I played with the settings and managed to work it out. I was using the default "csv-excel" export template which creates a csv file, not a text file. When I double-clicked on the created csv file, it opened in Excel and I encountered the problem described.  I guess the problem was that I had my computer automatically open csv files in Excel, when it should have been opening them in Notepad.

Anyway, the export script for the alternative "csv-simple" template also includes "$file_name TrackList.csv".  I had to change this to "$file_name TrackList.txt" in order to force TagScanner to create a text file. When I do this, export using the "csv-simple" template and import the resulting text file into Excel using the method you describe, the problem is solved. Thanks again.

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