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  1. Yes, this now works perfectly again – many thanks.
  2. Many thanks for your reply and for looking into this.
  3. Hello, I am using Poweramp v3 build 871 for Samsung S20 (Android 10). I have the Musixmatch app installed on my phone as well and it has storage permission. In Poweramp prefs, under "Prefer Lyrics App" I have Musixmatch selected. However, when I click "Lyrics" while playing a song the Musixmatch app does not launch. I am served the lyrics via Google instead. How can I get the Musixmatch app to launch when I request the lyrics? Many thanks.
  4. I am running Poweramp on a Samsung Galaxy S8+ with Android 8.0.0. Album art does not show on the Android lockscreen. I have both "Enable Android Lockscreen" and "Album Art" checked in preferences under "Android Lock Screen". Under "Poweramp Lock Screen", I have "Enable Lock Screen" unchecked. Can anyone help, please?
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