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Synced lyrics are not shown when there are also unsynced lyrics for MP3/ID3


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Build: 976

I use both LYRICS and UNSYNCEDLYRICS tags for lyrics in mp3 and flac formats.
With the flac format it directly detects and shows the synchronized lyrics but with mp3/id3 it only shows the non-synchronized text if present, therefore it only shows the synchronized text only if the UNSYNCEDLYRICS tag is not present.
Even re-scanning nothing changes.

I've attached the audio files I tested and a screen record showing that behavior.

These are the tags for the files:

It would also be nice (not strictly necessary) to have the ability to see both synced and unsynced texts in tags.


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The FLAC file works fine as it is using the expected LYRICS and UNSYNCEDLYRICS tags, for which LYRICS will take the first priority.

Lyrics = [00:00.00]Test 00..[00:01.00]Test 01..[00:02.00]Test 02..[00:03.00]Test 03
   - Tag 'LYRICS' (81 bytes)
Unsyncedlyrics = Test 00..Test 01..Test 02..Test 03
   - Tag 'UNSYNCEDLYRICS' (49 bytes)

However for the MP3 files, while the unsynced lyrics are stored in the USLT tag, synced lyrics don't use use the SYLT tag but instead are embedded within an additional comment field "TXXX(LYRICS)". It looks like TXXX comments have the lowest priority for display, after the two per-spec tags.

Lyrics = Test 00..Test 01..Test 02..Test 03
   - Tag 'USLT' (80 bytes)
UserDefinedText = (LYRICS) [00:00.00]Test 00..[00:01.00]Test 01..[00:02.00]Test 02.[snip]
   - Tag 'TXXX' (169 bytes)

However in cases such as this, I think the presence of synced "[TIMECODE]" content should perhaps override the technically more 'correct' tag.



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