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AAudio Bluetooth Output: Audio cannot resume after call


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Poweramp build number:


Device models


Android versions

Android 10 / Android 13

Custom ROM name/version (if you're on custom ROM)

Stock ROMs (MIUI 12 / MIUI 14)

Steps to reproduce

  1. Choose Audio output method to "AAudio" for "Bluetooth" stream
  2. Play audio via Bluetooth ANY device
  3. Make an outgoing or incoming call
  4. End the call
  5. The audio cannot be resumed automatically or even manually
  6. (Toggle the output method settings to resume the audio)

We have other output methods like OpenES or Hi-Res which don't have such issues. But I prefer AAudio due to its quality and compatibility HD device.

I kindly request my fellow users to try to recreate the issue in your devices to see if it occur in some specific environments. 

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@maxmp I don't think it's a background-kill issue as I already excluded Poweramp from ALL battery optimizations. Moreover, the bug is only happening with AAudio+Bluetooth used together.

@Bencherished thanks for confirming the issues is not a device-specifc one.


These as the "last processed commands" from call_start to call_end:

10:06:04.142 PSAudioFocusHelper AUDIOFOCUS_LOSS_TRANSIENT
10:06:04.286 PSAudioFocusHelper call ring/offhook

10:06:08.836 PSAudioFocusHelper call idle
10:06:09.214 PSAudioFocusHelper AUDIOFOCUS_GAIN

10:06:09.717 PSAudioFocusHelper RESUME
after call or audio focus


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@Shafeer Painkal when I was using Samsung galaxy m30 with Android 10, I noticed this issue and reported it, then I thought it was the phone, when I got galaxy m51 and still had same issue, I concluded it is from Samsung firmware, but hearing it's also happening in poco, then it has to be from Android OS.

@maxmp please I sent you a direct message concerning root and sound quality and functionality of Poweramp, but you haven't replied, let me post it here. 

my phone is Samsung galaxy m51, it will no longer receive Official android update from Samsung, for that, I decided to root it so I can uninstall system apps I don't use. In the process, I decided to move Poweramp to the system partition and I noticed that I got a cleaner sound, to be sure of what I noticed, I moved it back and forth, and I noticed the difference in sound.

So I'm asking if you are aware of this, and if there are any other settings I can change to further take advantage of moving Poweramp to system partition? 



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@Bencherished, I tried moving Poweramp into system app and nearly bricked my device while reverting the app into the normal user app :( After hours of sweaty palm, finally recovered without any data loss. (issue reported)

btw, while running Poweramp as system or system-priv app, I didn't notice ANY sound quality improvements. And the original issue reported in this thread was still there.

@maxmp since the audio could be auto-resumed by just toggling the Audio Output settings like no-DVC (still keeping on AAudio output), and the issue happens in different firmware and Android version, I think it can be fixed within the app code itself.

I kindly request you to try recreating the issue yourself so you may find the actual underlying problem.

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@seffparker sorry about that, how did you move the app? I am asking because I did not struggle with it.

I back-up Poweramp, used sd maid app to locate where Poweramp is installed in user partition, move the folder to the system app partition, rename the folder for easy identification, open the folder and grant Poweramp apk permission, restart my phone,and that is it.


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I was able to reproduce this for one of MIUI devices I have, so I was able to add workaround for the issue - included into the next build. Thanks for the reports!

Btw, AAudio is a bit more stable on some devices, but it's not better in quality in any way (and it shouldn't be) than e.g. Hi-Res output, so if Hi-Res output works fine (which is not always the case), just use Hi-Res output. For bluetooth, AudioTrack output also may support LDAC 96khz/24bit (depends on firmware, you can go to AudioTrack output and check if format/sample rate can be changed).


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Thanks for the fix-on-the-way!

I did try the Hi-Res Output, but some of my Bluetooth devices are not well compatible with it, having some volume level (may DVC) issues, so I chose AAudio which works well, despite this no-resume after call issue. 

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