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Poweramp automatically starts when I start my car


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I've turned off resume on bluetooth connection.

Here is the text from last processed commands:

← Last Processed C... Q
10:58:31.594 PSMediaButton Receiver
name=Virtual source=0x0 sources=0x301
virt=true repeat=0 actionTime=99818447
sourcePak=com.android.bluetooth is Avrcp
flags=0x0 playerState=0
10:58:31.756 PSMediaButton Receiver
name=Virtual source=OxO sources=0x301
virt=true repeat=0 action Time=99818629
sourcePak=com.android.bluetooth isAvrcp
flags-OxO playerState=0
4G 77%
10:58:31.785 BTReceiver headset event
connection BT=true am mode=0 MY SENTRA
10:58:33.485 PlayerService RESUME
from PSMedia Button Receiver resume Playing
10:58:33.487 PlayerService RESUME
from PSMediaButton Receiver resume Playing
× :
10:58:33.784 PlayerService reloadPipeline
allowPlaying=true force Resume=false state after
10:58:47.861 PSMediaSessionHelper.Callback
on Pause
10:58:55.704 PlayerService reloadPipeline
allowPlaying=true force Resume-false state after

I've attached a screenshot of the last processed commands.  I used software to extract the text from the screenshot.  Just in case if didn't extract everything properly, I've added the screenshot.





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1 hour ago, andrewilley said:

Looks like your car is issuing a KEYCODE_MEDIA_PLAY command upon connection. The latest versions of Poweramp (e.g. build 980) have an option in Settings=>Headset/Bluetooth to ignore BT commands for the first few seconds after connection, which should allow skipping this.


I've got build 976 and I don't see that option.

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29 minutes ago, kauaihypnosis said:

How do I get the newer builds?  Is it from a simple update?  I can't update via the google play store.

If you've been installing play builds, and are not enrolled in the beta tester program, there, your next option is to install beta builds from this very website:


You're welcome (if not encouraged) to create a settings/data backup (within Poweramp) before installing the beta build.

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6 hours ago, kauaihypnosis said:

How do I get the newer builds?  Is it from a simple update? 

Yes, you can download and install it in a few seconds from the website here as an APK install file (see the New Releases forum). You'll still get any newer automatic updates from the Play Store in future.


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