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Restore Poweramp (website purchase) on new phone

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I'm using Poweramp on my Galaxy S7 phone (Android 8 ) : version 2.0.10-build-588 ARM with my website license (e-mail and code), upgrade via Play Store to the latest version.

I'm changing my phone for a Galaxy S10e Android 12. So, I uninstall Poweramp from the S7. But I am unable to install the legacy v2 and restore my license on the S10e.

At load, the error message is like : Sorry but Poweramp was unable to load some libraries.


Is there a way restore a functionally version on the new S10e ?


Thanks for you response.


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And in case you are worried, your existing v2 licence is valid for the latest v3 builds too. Development of the old v2 version of Poweramp concluded about seven years ago when it was upgraded to v3, and v2 is now only considered as a legacy product for users of very old Android devices (KitKat and earlier, so 10+ years old).


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