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Purchase Poweramp FOR someone else, and THEY reg. and own the license

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Mornin' Forums,

I've ordered an SD card as a Christmas gift for a family member and I got to thinking (yeah, normally dangerous) They might really like Poweramp.  So I thought, heck, I'll buy it for'em, it ain't much.

BUT, Google play seems to be quite nearsighted, because I already have it, they don't show a price, nor how to purchase it any other way.

How could I pay for a Poweramp license, but give it entirely (the license) to the recipient?  As a gift.

Thanks folks,


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The only way to purchase a Play Store licence is to use that person's own Play Store account. So you'd need to log in as them (e.g. on a computer using the account and password that they use on their phone) and buy it, which will probably two-factor notify them that the purchase has taken place, and install the unlocker on their phone.

You could buy a website licence, but again you'd need to use their email address and they would get a notification email with their UserID to validate the licence.

So yes it's quite doable, but probably not as a surprise unless you do it on Xmas Day morning.


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