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  1. Just killin' time this evening, thought I'd check back on this thread, eh, no additions so I just started going through some of the most current FAQ's just for bathroom reading (while not in the bathroom) and saw references to v3 being out on the Goog store... I seldom check for updates as I don't allow auto updates but did find v3 was now available... "whoop, thar it is!!" Update to PA applied... and the feature I was hoping for was right where Andrewilley said it'd be... sorting MY WAY! Now I find The Doobie Brothers right where I thought I'd left'em!!! I'm sure all sorts-a-stuff was changed around under the hood, we'll never see... but it does look like the developer(s) whipped out the shoe polish before making public... yea, take a little learning the new interface, but it seems polished up quiet well. There's so many "nooks and cranny's" to Poweramp, can't remember what I saw where, but I think I like something in the menus or library menus better. I think my artwork shows up in more library topics or categories whatever their called. Aw hell, who cares... slick enough interface, mostly features I want/like... no regrets spendin' money on this app at all, only thing I might change is I should'a purchased it long before I did (a few months ago now). If you read this Andre... thanks for the help! -Dave
  2. Thank you Andrewilley, indeed, I'm running 2.1.10-build-588-play. I don't see anything of this beta v797 in the play store where I acquired and purchased Poweramp... I'm sure once beta is complete, there will be an update available to my version. Thanks again; this is promising, and your help appreciated... and rock and roll never forgets! Dave
  3. Is there a setting somewhere that I can force PA to sort in literal alphabetical order... that is, I don't want it to ignore "The" or "A" at the beginning of a title or album like itunes initially does. ex: if a title begins with the words "The Heart of the Matter" it sorts by "H" "heart", I want it to follow alphabetically in the "T's" "The Heart..."
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