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Importing playlist to new phone


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I originally transferred everything through Wi-Fi, I just tried doing this the same way and have not been successful. Not sure if these steps need to be done while being plugged in?

I have and SD card in the S20 that has issues of the device not being recognized when a cable is connected for whatever reason. Everything else on the phone works fine.

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If you can't copy the SD Card contents from your S20 via a USB cable to a computer, just remove the card and plug it into the computer directly (it will be a LOT faster that way too). Then copy all the files to your S23 by USB cable.

Same goes for a Poweramp backup file (technically it's a ZIP archive). Create it on your S20's SD Card, and then copy it to your new device in the same way as you do for your music.

I mostly use an FTP server running on my phone (one of the many features in Solid Explorer) which allows me to just open a window on my PC directly to the phone's storage. Copying music from PC to phone takes about two minutes per GB, which while not the fastest possible route is fine for me as it just gets on with it wirelessly in the background.


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Sorry, I was away the majority of the weekend so I didn't get an opportunity to try this until now.

It worked! I don't think it transferred the photos for the playlists themselves even though all boxes were checked but I don't even care, I'm just happy to have it all on the new phone.

Thanks for the help!


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