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Nas storage connection outside local network

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Hi, I got new phone without a the possibillity to add my external micro sd card with my music collection on it.

I knew this day was coming at some point so I went searching for a good solution and thought I found it in a small usb adapter to add my my micro sd cart. Not ideal but at first I thougt it would really be the solution. 

The down side is that I don't need and want the usb adapter in my phone all day so I remove it when not needed anymore.

Because I use this way of playing my music with Poweramp mostly when driving in my car I put the usb adapter back in my phone when I go home. Poweramp needs to scan the sd card and my music is until finisht not ready to play

Is there a way this is not needed to do every time? The music has not changed locations on the sd cart or something.

So I went searching for a better way and ended up with adding my NAS music location with Cifs documents provider that I found here on the forum.

Locally it works but because I want to play music in my car outside my local network I can't add the cifs folder outside my netwerk. Username.synology.me does not work.

Is there any way to add my Synilogy Nas music location to Poweramp outside my local network?

This would be great.


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This is not currently available, unless you can find some way to mount your online-accessible storage into your Android device's file system. It would be very slow and clumsy to use though.

There is a Feature Request for this sort of general functionality though, which you an upvote if you wish:


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