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How to put "Info/Tags" data onto the track screen?


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Is there a way to keep visible on the track screen all the helpful data which appears on the "Info/Tags" screen?

Sometimes I don't recognise a piece of music when it begins playing.  If I wake-up the phone's screen the track title may be long, so that it scrolls, which makes it difficult to read.

So instead I have to:

1. wake-up my phone's screen

2. touch the track information at the bottom of the Poweramp screen

3. touch the 3 dots to the right of the scrolling track information on the next screen

4. then select "Info/Tags".

That's four presses to get to all the information in a a static and easily readable form.  


I recently tried "Onkyo HF Player" and found its playback performance excellent, but it doesn't offer all the customisation possibilities which "Poweramp" provides, and on my phone "Onkyo HF Player" can take up to 50 seconds to load the contents of a folder before playback begins.  However once you select its "Info/Tags" equivalent that "Info/Tags" screen remains uppermost on the app for each new track.  So if you don't recognise a new track, you only have to reawaken your phone's screen and all the "Info/Tags" data for the currently playing track is ready and visible.   Can this be achieved in "Poweramp", which in my opinion is the best music-playing app available (I use the full paid-for version).)

Thank you.


Screenshot_20231113_131754_Poweramp - info-tags.JPG

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No, Info/Tags is a diagnostic/details view for the current song only, it does not remain present during regular playback of tracks as that would look really messy.

PA does display the Title, Artist and Album title, along with the album artwork if you have that enabled. Unfortunately if you have really long titles you may need to wait for it to scroll. Or edit your tags so the useful information comes first, but I agree that can be challenging with some classical music nomenclature.


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Yes, it's the scrolling of long track names that is a nuisance.

I have looked everywhere in the settings for some way of forcing the whole of a track title to appear at one go, rather than scroll, but even though I have selected the small font-size not all of the track title will appear.

Poweramp is a wonderful app nevertheless!




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