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Add the support to display furigana.


It is rather simple.

If your text display software sees japanese/chinese text like '見', dont do anything. If it sees the text like this '見(み)' add the stuff in the brackets above the character, such that the end of the string in the brackets lines up with where the brackets would have started. Furigana typically is displayed at 1/2 or 2/3 to 3/5-ish of the original font size above the corresponding text. You obviously need to code in half an empty line so that the furigana does not overlap with the preceding lines.

This only applies to the lyrics/synced lyrics part of your app.

About what the hell i am talking about: Furigana - Wikipedia: https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Furigana

Kind regards,

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Ive done extensive research and: Ruby characters are only supported by HTML and Unicode support is not implememted (stub) since over 20 years ago.


Either you can add a library/interpreter for ruby annotations or you can disregard that feature and this topic. Either way, it will be your decision. I am honestly surprised that the Web3 consortium got that settled a long time ago and even more surprised that Unicode (the guys coming up with all the useless emojis) have multiple ways to annotate and interchange various characters, but essential things such as these reading aids get disregarded for decades!


Not your fault at all. But I am still upset...

You can close this topic as not planned if you dont want to add this feature.

Thank you anyway...

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