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Settings based on device


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In regular Poweramp, I can set equalizer settings based on device.

For example I want specific settings for my earbuds but different for phone speakers or my car.

How do I do this in equalizer? Basically I want to do the same but for other music apps, not just Poweramp


Also, if I have Poweramp eq settings and Poweramp equalizer, how do I know which is used when playing Poweramp? 

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You can use the same Save features in the PA EQ app as you do in the music player app.

While your BT device is connected, go to Save/Assign (in the menu of the EQ view) and after entering your chosen name for the Preset, tick the box for the specific connected device (don't tick the overall Bluetooth tickbox too, as that would assign it for all BT devices not just the current one).



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